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Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 3.46.18 PMIn the past year Byron Williams has been promoted from temporary to regular part-time, and now full-time! In his time with Academic Partnerships, he has served on major initiatives: Goldmine, Gator, Partner Visit Setup, and supported many others. Byron has embodied the best attributes such as; tenacity, drive, adaptability, and the desire to grow and learn. This has resulted in him being held in high regard by his peers and management team. His positive attitude and smile is infectious to those around him.

Without fail Byron consistently exceeds his minimum monthly transfers. This past month he achieved 173 percent of his transfer expectation, which is now the record to beat. Concurrently he completes all special projects timely and accurately. Byron is a true team contributor who goes above and beyond from team potlucks, helping a co-worker scrape the ice off their car, walk staff to their car, and first to share his umbrella in the rain.

A few fun facts about Byron is that he loves old school music, enjoys singing, drawing, and making origami art.

Special Recognition:

100 Transfer Club Award

Outrageous Customer Service “The One Who Bonds Wins”

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