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AP Inks Deal With CSUSM  

Academic Partnerships announced a contract agreement this month with California State University San Marcos. The deal, which was signed June 12, includes plans for RN to BSN program services and two education degrees: educational administration and literacy.

Leading the way for AP through the RFP process was Managing Director Mike Hommel, credited for making the partnership proposition a reality.

“This is a huge deal and we could not be more proud,” said Jim Lummus, senior vice president, University Partnerships. “Well done!”

Founded in 1989, CSUSM is the 20th campus to be established in the 23-campus CSU system. More than 12,000 students attend its 304-acre, state-of-the-art main campus in Northern San Diego County.

IMG_300x225Announcing An AP First: Iwillgraduate.com Co-branding LSUA And LSUS

With the intent of making their online education options even more visible and accessible, AP recently launched our first co-branded, multi-school campaign, Iwillgraduate.com with university partners Louisiana State University of Alexandria (LSUA) and Louisiana State University Shreveport (LSUS).

This initiative sprang from strategic discussions with LSUA and LSU Shreveport, who agreed to partner as co-brands to reach more prospective students in Louisiana, the second least educated state in the U.S. Research showed us that barriers to higher education in Louisiana include tuition costs, cultural resistance to financing education, a high college drop-out rate – even uncertainty generated by the state’s recent higher education budget cuts.

The solution: a streamlined consumer-centric portal that informs users and invites them to act upon their education goals.
Iwillgraduate.com represents a series of firsts for AP:

  • Our first opportunity to present a multi-school campaign that combines the appeal of undergraduate degrees at LSUA and graduate degrees at LSUS. This alliance serves to make the offering stronger for both schools, while alleviating the stress of individually launching multiple online programs or marketing campaigns.
  • Our first campaign to directly address student audiences about barriers they face in completing their degrees and present solutions organized by student need. We are able to speak to the consumer in an engaging way that helps them understand the value of higher education in their lives and makes it easier for them to take action via an LSU System degree pathway that includes online associate, bachelor’s and master’s programs.
  • Our first test of a new approach to reach prospective adult undergraduate students. The accompanying new partner site (online.lsua.edu) and marketing materials have also allowed us to speak to undergraduates in a way that we have been wanting to utilize with this consumer. Addressing the fears and concerns of the undergraduate adult learner is a different sales proposition than that used with graduate students. We are testing that approach with the new partner site and feel confident that there are more great things to come with regard to AP’s undergraduate program marketing.

Our integrated campaign also includes billboard and transit advertising and radio spots. You will be hearing more about Iwillgraduate.com!

Modality Helps AP International Grow

This year, Academic Partnerships has enrolled more than 3,000 courses serving Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Spain, Australia and China with more than 2,000 graduate and pre-graduate students choosing the modality offered by alliances between AP and its partner universities. Thanks to these relationships and such a convenient modality, more students around the world are able to attain their degrees at high quality schools.

In Mexico, AP launched its first “Black Box-All In” model. From lead capture to payment processing, AP is in charge of the admission process from end to end. The partner university focuses on keeping high standards of academic quality — AP takes care of the rest. With the payment process now so simplified, someone already offered to pay their entire undergraduate tuition in advance.

On a recent visit to Universidad de San Martín de Porres, our Peruvian partner, the dean of law and AP officials agreed to launch three of the most prestigious law master’s degrees in the nation. AP will endeavor diligently to make the programs available to the public in late Q4 2015.  (Submitted by Philip DeLaVega, president AP International)

Workforce Optimization: What does that mean?

Technically, it’s a strategy used by businesses that focuses on maximizing customer satisfaction through integrated technologies. It’s used to provide key data around historical performance producing a scheduling solution that analyzes and manages staff and operational efficiency to increase customer experience. To put that in simpler terms around Academic Partnerships, workforce optimization helps to ensure the right amount of agents are scheduled for the right times of day based on historical data. So, when a student calls us or we attempt to transfer a potential new student, we have a live person to speak with them.

In May, the business vertical began beta testing around schedule optimization. The workforce team runs future weeks forecasts using WFM software which provides necessary schedules to managers who assign agents to the schedules. One of the main goals of AP’s workforce tool is to increase live transfer rates. We are in the process of analyzing the results, and so far, things are looking up.

In addition to optimization, all Call Center agents will soon be able to enter their time off requests directly into the tool so it will update their schedules immediately. Agents will be able to perform shift swaps, and also update their schedules, upon manager approval. (Submitted by David Bent, Contact Center Director)

Re-Entry Progressive Dialer Campaigns Equate to Positive Impact

Student coordinators have increased outreach to inactive students via the Progressive Dialer. The purpose of the campaigns was to reach out to students who are not currently enrolled with the expected goal of having them register for immediate future starts. Partners included in the re-entry campaigns were Lamar University, University of Texas – Arlington and Arkansas State University. The overall results were positive for the students, the partners and Academic Partnerships.The results:

  • University of Texas – Arlington: Increased from 9.86 percent to 12.42 percent, with 210 more students re-enrolled than the previous year
  • Lamar University: Increased from 2.61 percent to 6.93 percent, with 165 more students re-enrolled than the previous year.
  • Arkansas State University: Currently being calculated. Results to be shared upon receipt. (Submitted by Students Services Manager Meagan Jiles)

Personal Dialer Spurs Productivity Surge

Over the last month, we have seen a significant increase in the productivity of our team! The personal dialer has allowed us to spend more time talking with our students and less time dialing and leaving messages. Our team has also been working hard to exceed their goals to make sure that every student is receiving the contact that they need. Because of this we were able to complete more than 2100 outbound dials and 550 contacts in a single day!! (Submitted by Student Services Manager Meagan Jiles)

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