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Chance Wyatt

Last month, Academic Partnerships’ social media team came across an online compliment for one of our very own, Chance Wyatt. Chance is one of AP’s most enthusiastic and determined Specialists, and this online recognition is a testament to his dedication.

Employee Spotlight - Chance WestAP Times sat down with Chance to learn more about his interaction with this student — Tara White-Stewart — and to discover more about the man behind the compliment.

Chance began his career at Academic Partnerships in 2013 as a generalist. He initially believed his job to be just a “temporary thing.” But then, he says he “quickly fell in love with the company”.

Chance found that he enjoyed working with students and discovered the impact his job had on changing their lives. Less than one year later, he was promoted to his current position as an Enrollment Specialist where works side-by-side with undergraduate students.

“There are a lot of challenges in my job, and there are students who give up, but there is a difference in working with those students who really want to succeed,” Chance said. “Right now I’m working with undergrad students. The process is new and scary to them, but I have a chance to really inspire each one. You have to take them [undergrad students] from 0 to 100. They need encouragement, and you have to provide that for them while you take them through every little thing.”

Chance stated that his ultimate goal is to “change people’s lives,” and it appears that he is doing just that. Tara White-Stewart is one student who definitely took notice.

“I remember working with her,” Chance said. “She had enrollment issues every step of the way. Initially, she had problems getting her degree plan sorted out, then her transcripts got lost because her maiden name was left on the documents, and then she had advisor issues. It was just one thing after the next, and I was worried about getting her through all of it and worried that she would give up. I really got to go above and beyond for her. I talked to her fairly often and had to send a lot of escalations. She wanted to succeed, though, so it was worth all of it to help her.”

Chance told us that one of his favorite parts of his job is working through challenges. Each morning with coffee in hand, he starts his day answering emails, taking calls and working through his focus for the day.

“If your fingers aren’t typing and you aren’t talking, you’re not working.”

Each day, Chance stays busy making sure he is helping his students achieve their goals, and by helping them achieve theirs, he achieves his own.

His advice for working hard?

“Learn as much as you can. Take it all in, because our job is a challenge and the bar is set high. But when you work as hard as you can, you will be rewarded, and you will learn a lot.”

Thank you, Chance, for all your hard work and enthusiasm! You are an inspiration to us all here at Academic Partnerships!

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