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Last Month, Enrollment and Retention Services celebrated a record-setting January.  January 2016 set new records for highest new enrollments in company history.  To celebrate this tremendous achievement and to encourage everyone to finish the month strong, they held a “Power Finish”.  Numerous agents contributed several hours of overtime, sacrificing time with friends and family to achieve and exceed all expectations.  This event worked as a powerful reminder regarding the lives that are positively impacted through the power of an education.

Below are the Winners for January’s Power Finish

Employees of the Month: December

  • Christopher Vongkaysone
  • Robert Wagner

Circle of Excellence Winners


Q3 Winners

  • Courtney Raino
  • Victoria Wray

Q4 Winners

  • Sharon King
  • Chelsea Mooney


Q3 Winners

  • Kanella Bodden
  • Jeremiah Hatch

Q4 Winners

  • Matthew Rushing
  • Ashley Davis


Q3 Winners

  • Reylon Ellis
  • Jennifer Rust

Q4 Winners

  • Monica Ledezma
  • Brendon Edwards


Q3 Winners

Aileen Pesante

  • Lamonica Thomas

Q4 Winners

  • Kat Walker
  • John Giron
  • Autum Westbrook


Q3 Winners

  • Kevin Long
  • Krystal Wesley

Q4 Winners

  • Harold Nash
  • Kevin Cole


Q3 Winner

  • Meagan Jiles

Q4 Winners

  • Markiya Lewis

-David Bent

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